Greg Monforton is widely known as a passionate advocate for the integrity of the legal profession. Below are a few of the publications he has contributed to or spoken about during his 40-year career as a personal injury lawyer in Windsor.

In an early publication, Mr. Monforton speaks of the lessons learned while building a rewarding career. He also extensively discusses the ethics involved in the practice of law. For instance, fighting for a temporary halt to civil jury trials during the COVID-19 lockdowns and scrutinizing insurance practices.

LSO Bencher Candidates Announce Counter to FullStop Slate

A new coalition of Law Society of Ontario (LSO) Bencher candidates, comprised of 28 candidates, launched on Monday.

This Bencher Good Governance Coalition aims to protect self-regulation and see a return to civility within the law society. Another critical goal is to prevent the FullStop slate, formerly StopSOP, from gaining more ground in the upcoming 2023 bencher elections.

Bencher Good Governance Coalition Launches

In Toronto, a Coalition of experienced leaders launched today to contest the 2023 Bencher elections and return good governance to the Law Society.

The law profession deserves to have competent, representative leadership that is dedicated to upholding and regulating justice in a manner that not only reflects the diversity of the profession but also serves the best interests of the greater community.

Lessons learned about how to build a rewarding career – it’s about more than just using common sense

Greg Monforton discusses what he has learned about etiquette and reputation-building throughout his long career as a lawyer.

Lawyer Ethics

Greg Monforton discusses the ethics of law in an interview with CBC’s Asha Tomlinson.

Windsor car crash rate cut in half — so what's with high car insurance rates?

Despite a decline in car accidents in 2020, drivers continue to see an increase in their premiums. Greg Monforton shares his thoughts about the unethical practices of insurance companies.

A Catastrophe in The Making?

Greg Monforton examines proposed changes to the legal definition of “catastrophic injuries.”

Best Practices: Client Relationship Management

Greg Monforton discusses some recommended best practices for lawyers as it relates to client relationship management.

Big Ideas for Small Firms

As more challenges affect the legal field and hinder the growth of small law firms, Greg Monforton discusses some of the methods he uses to help manage his firm.

Monforton supports temporary halt to civil jury trials during pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic and the need for isolation led to a backlog of trials being postponed. During this time, Greg Monforton advocated for the need to eliminate civil trials as an interim solution and in the interest of plaintiffs waiting for their case to be heard.