I appreciate and am thankful for everyone’s support as I announce my candidacy for Bencher in the 2023 elections.

– Greg Monforton

Greg Monforton leads with integrity. I have long admired his ability to bring people together to rationally discuss complex issues. The profession will benefit immensely from his commitment, experience, and skills.

Reem Bahdi
Dean, Windsor Law

OTLA is endorsing the principles of the Bencher Good Governance Coalition with respect to a commitment to diversity and inclusion, and a commitment to ensuring continued professional self-governance with competent, experienced lawyers leading the Law Society.

At our Board meeting last Thursday, the Board also voted to endorse the candidacy of the following four OTLA Members who requested OTLA’s specific support at the Board level.

OTLA Past President Greg Monforton.

Ontario Trial Lawyers Association

I wholeheartedly endorse Greg Monforton’s candidacy for Bencher. His experience, values, common sense, and integrity are exactly what is required to govern and guide our profession going forward.

Paul Torrie
Founder & President of Global Resolutions

I endorse Greg Monforton as a bencher having known him for most of my career, and having worked with him at times on companion actions. I have observed his civility, professionalism and leadership skills which make him an excellent candidate for a bencher. As a personal injury lawyer in Southwestern Ontario he understands our regional concerns in addition to the broader concerns that impact all Ontario lawyers and the public. I know he will apply himself to this important role with the same passion, sense of fairness, and dedication that he has demonstrated throughout his career in advancing his clients’ rights.

Mary-Anne Strong
Partner – Beckett Personal Injury Lawyers

I have known Greg Monforton my whole professional career. Throughout his career, he has shown a passion and a proven track record of exemplary local community service and service to the profession. His track record of service to the various community and legal bodies is evidence of his understanding of giving back and is a testament to his strong professional values. I believe that his vision and dedication to good governance is precisely what we need at this time and in our region as our Southwestern Bencher at the Law Society of Ontario, hence my personal endorsement of his candidacy.

Jack Sullens
President, Essex Law Association

I endorse Greg Monforton for the position of Bencher, having known him, professionally, over the entire course of my career. Greg has the length and breadth of experience to, not only, be aware of the practical realities of the modern legal practice, but he is well known and easily approachable. He will, therefore, be very responsive to those who seek out his assistance; and in addition, he will strive to ensure that the public maintains confidence in this self-regulating profession.

Karol Dycha

I have known Greg Monforton for most of my professional career. Throughout the period I have known him, I have observed a lawyer who not only cares about his clients, but truly cares about advancing the legal profession. Greg works tirelessly to advocate for those who have suffered injury as the result of wrongdoing by others. At the same time, he always finds time to mentor or provide counsel to his legal colleagues, while at the same time working to improve the legal system through his involvement in various legal organizations. I have no doubt that he will bring that same generosity of spirit, legal acumen and work ethic to his role as a Bencher.

Maria Damiano
President of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association

Greg has consistently supported fellow lawyers, law students, community members, his family and his friends. He simply never says no. He will bring to the role of Bencher the same skill, advocacy and compassion that has made him one of the top trial lawyers in Ontario. He is a role model for the profession.

Paul Harte
Medical Malpractice Lawyer

When I was Dean at the Faculty of Law, University of Windsor from 2015-2021, Greg stepped up in numerous ways to support legal education and our diverse student body. Through guest lectures, student awards, making members of his firm available to teach, and generous assistance with our building renovation to improve accessibility and the student experience, Greg was there when the law school needed him. The legal profession needs his leadership as well. Greg will bring integrity, decency, a commitment to inclusivity in the profession, and an independent, evidence-driven approach to the role of bencher.

Chris Waters

I am writing to express my full support for, and endorsement of, Greg Monforton in his candidacy for Bencher in the upcoming election.

As a Lifetime Member of the Law Society of Ontario, I have practiced personal injury litigation for over 60 years. I have seen many changes in the legal profession during that time. Throughout my extensive career, I have had the pleasure of working alongside some of the profession’s most dedicated and accomplished advocates. I can confidently say that Greg Monforton is among the very best.

Greg Monforton has wide-ranging experience as a litigator and negotiator, with a deep understanding of the human condition and the complexities of law and practice. Since 1981, he has dedicated his career to advocating for personal injury plaintiffs. His notable accomplishments include being certified as aspecialist in civil litigation by the Law Society of Ontario; serving on the Board of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association (OTLA) for several years; and serving as the OTLA president from 2005-2006.

Greg Monforton has a progressive agenda for the legal profession, and his commitment to improving the industry is unwavering. I have always been impressed with his leadership and devotion to his clients, and I know he will bring that same level of dedication and passion to his role as a Bencher.

I highly recommend Greg Monforton for the position of Bencher in the upcoming election. His years of experience and dedication to the legal profession make him an outstanding candidate. I am confident that, as a Bencher, he will be a valuable asset to the Law Society of Ontario, and will serve the interests of both the public and the profession with integrity and purpose.

Bernard Gluckstein
Gluckstein Lawyers - Founding Partner

I am pleased to endorse Greg Monforton for the coming Bencher Elections at the Law Society of Ontario. I have known Greg for many years and believe that he is exactly the sort of Bencher that we need to help guide the Law Society and govern the profession in these troubled and challenging times. Throughout his professional career, Greg has demonstrated the highest ideals of integrity, compassion, civility, professionalism and leadership. Now, more than ever, the Law Society needs leaders who will govern in the public interest while also being mindful of the challenges facing our profession. I am confident that, as a Bencher, Greg would be ideally suited to balance these competing interests to serve both the profession and the wider community.

Steve Rastin
Senior Counsel & Lawyer

Over the decades I have had the privilege of knowing Greg, I have found him to be a man of character and integrity. He has the perspective and vision to help guide the LSO forward and navigate the challenges ahead. He has made personal sacrifices to lead the legal profession and has the perspective to balance protection of the public with the needs of our members. I would rest easier if Greg had a voice in shaping my profession’s future.

Russ Howe
Injury Lawyer