Greg Monforton was called to the bar in 1981 and is an award-winning trial lawyer. With more than 40 years of experience in the courtroom, he is a committed advocate for legal reforms to help injury victims.

Greg's Story

Greg Monforton is a passionate advocate for the injured in Windsor and throughout Ontario. The Law Society of Ontario named Greg a Certified Specialist in Civil Litigation, which is a designation attained by less than two per cent of all Ontario lawyers.

He is also a past president of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association (OTLA) and received the OTLA plaintiff bar award in 2019, an award recognizing leaders of the Ontario personal injury bar. When he was president of the OTLA, he spearheaded efforts to reform auto insurance laws in Ontario.

Greg takes great pride in speaking and writing about various legal issues to help other lawyers and advocate for reforms to help injured victims. He has given several guest lectures at the University of Windsor Faculty of Law and OTLA.

Notable Cases

Greg Monforton represented the family of a Windsor nurse in a civil action and Coroners Inquest. The recommendations from the Inquest jury resulted in legislative amendments that were meant to prevent harassment and violence in the workplace.

Greg also represented multiple victims of the Nationair DC-8 airline crash in Jidda, Saudia Arabia.

Greg’s Memberships and Appointments

Greg continues to be actively involved with various legal organizations. As a current University of Windsor Faculty of Law Moot Court Judge, Greg has given multiple guest lectures for the OTLA, University of Windsor Faculty of Law and St. Clair College of Applied Arts and Technology.

Formerly, Greg served as a member of the Advocates Society and a board member of the:

  • Windsor-Essex County Mental Health Association
  • Leonards Society of Canada

He is also a past member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the Law Times and a former president of the Head Injury Association (Windsor-Essex County).

Greg's Plan Of Action

Experienced Leadership

The Law Society of Ontario is responsible for effectively regulating the legal profession with transparency in a way that best serves the people of Ontario. This duty includes making sure the lawyers and paralegals of Ontario maintain set standards of excellence, both in their competency and in their professional conduct. Currently, the Law Society is self-governing. However, to maintain that privilege, the leadership of this organization must commit to making the public interest its primary concern. Additionally, the leadership of the LSO must actively ensure that justice is accessible to all the people of Ontario, not just a select few. Throughout his 40-year legal career, Greg Monforton has worked to educate others about legal issues that need changing. He continues to advocate for reforms that benefit injured victims.

Equity, Inclusion and Diversity

Equity, inclusion and diversity are critical to the legitimacy of the legal profession and its ability to serve the entire Canadian population. A lack of diversity limits access to justice for minorities and marginalized groups. For these individuals and communities, fair access to lawyers or the legal profession has yet to be adequately established. Yet before any barriers can be removed, we must first acknowledge that they exist at socio-economic, cultural and geographical levels, as well as to visible minorities. If chosen to serve, Greg Monforton is dedicated to joining likeminded benchers of the Convocation in their ongoing efforts to break down barriers to justice for all our fellow Canadians.

In 2023 - Every Vote Counts

Voter turnout for the Bencher elections has greatly diminished over the last several years. This is concerning, especially due to growing divisiveness over political views and election issues. In 2019, less than half of those eligible to vote participated in the election. Apathy may be the result of disenchanted lawyers who feel their vote makes no difference. However, this year, more than ever before, every vote matters. Not showing up to vote means giving up the opportunity to support what you stand for. Low voter participation in the 2023 LSO elections could have dire consequences for the legal profession in Ontario. Vote for Greg Monforton in the Bencher elections and join him in fighting for the right of the legal profession to remain self-governing in Ontario.